Launching The Visual Storyteller Program

Bring your images and brand to the next level

Dear friend,

Today is a special day for me.

I am officially launching my 1-1 program and opening it one day in advance for you who are subscribed to the letter.

Here is a bit of context:

When I first got introduced to the world of night photography, outdoor adventures, and composites, I knew I was out of my league.

No real skills, no experience with editing or understanding the mountains, and honestly scared of spending nights outdoor.

But there was this itch to create something unique, to capture the unseen and combine adventure with creativity.

The goal of the program is to empower photographers to master the art of captivating visual storytelling and start their professional growth in the field.

The road was, and is tough, filled with fears of not being good enough and struggles with getting the hang of editing and hiking up to those breathtaking spots.

I had to figure out what gear I needed and how to share my work without fearing judgment.

But then, there were these moments that changed everything. Moments like:

  • The first time I saw the Milky Way on my camera screen

  • When I edited my shots from an ice cave and thought, "Hey, I'm actually good at this."

  • Climbing to 5200m in Peru was a game-changer; what once felt impossible became my new normal.

  • Selling my first high-priced print

  • Getting recognized by Nikon to start working with them

They were all big deals—they showed me people valued what I was doing.

I faced skepticism with a simple truth: I loved what I was doing, and it made me feel alive.

I learned that transparency, dedication, and a willingness to educate others about my process could build a community of supporters who appreciated my work for what it truly was.

Reflecting on my journey now, I wish I'd started earlier and not let the fear of others' opinions hold me back.

I wish I'd had a mentor to guide me through the uncertainties and to remind me that it's okay to follow your own path, free from the noise and judgments.

This journey taught me more than just how to take good photos; it's a journey of finding one's voice, pushing beyond limits, and discovering that the greatest shots lie not just in capturing landscapes but in capturing the growth within us.

And today I want to help others walk that path.

Here is what you need to know about the program:

What Is It About

Together, we will build a personalised program of 4x 1-hour sessions based on:

Who Is This For

This program is for anybody who wants to:

  • Create a breathtaking portfolio of images

  • Craft a brand people will remember

  • Step up their game in photography

  • Become a true visual storyteller

  • Start making money with your photography

  • Land collaborations with brands you enjoy

  • Go from hobbyist to semi-professional or professional

Why Should You Care

Photographers are struggling with:

  1. Stagnation in Creative Growth: Without fresh ideas or locations, you will struggle to evolve your style or find inspiration, leading to a plateau in creative growth and personal satisfaction

  2. Limited Skill Advancement: Failing to enhance your editing skills can result in a stagnant portfolio that doesn't reflect the your true potential or adapt to changing trends and technologies.

  3. Writing & Storytelling Ability: The inability to craft compelling stories will hinder your capacity to connect with your audience, limiting the emotional impact and engagement of your work.

  4. Difficulty in Building a Sustained Client Base: Struggles with finding clients or landing collaborations is what will prevent you form growing, whether you are trying to make your hobby or passion more profitable, or looking to scale your revenues with photography.

  5. Limited Networking and Exposure: Missing out on event invitations and networking opportunities will limit your exposure, recognition, and the potential for high-value partnerships or projects.

  6. Struggle to Establish a Distinct Brand: Without a clear, compelling brand, it will be challenging to differentiate yourself in a saturated market, making it difficult to attract your ideal clients or command higher prices for your work.

I quit my corporate job last year because I had learned and practiced these things for years before taking that leap. And I want to help you in that journey so that you can save yourself years of practice.

What Do You Get

By the end of the program, you will know how to:

  • Capture properly landscape and night images

  • Create seamless composites

  • Build a cohesive and authentic brand

  • Create a solid and unique portfolio

  • Plan your outdoor adventures perfectly

  • Use the right gear for the right scene

  • Build relatable stories around your work

  • Never run out of inspiration or ideas to shoot

  • Share your work in the right format for the right platform

  • Reach out to people and brands to collaborate

What Students Say

I am opening up a few seats for students that are truly committed to their own growth.

If you are one of them, you can directly apply and join the waiting list here:

Once you have, I will personally reach out to you if you are a fit so we can get on a call together and discuss a potential collaboration.

And if you have more questions regarding the application process, the duration, the pricing, or the program itself, I invite you to read the FAQ on my official website, where you will find a dedicated page for the program:

Excited to connect with you.

Take care,